VIVO Funtouch OS – Branding Video

我們與 dosomething studio 以及 Computerface 一同合作,製作一部形象短片來闡述新的 VIVO Funtouch OS 系統的設計概念。VIVO 一直致力優化 FOS 以吸引那些渴望簡單,且對現代社會強加的各種繁雜與噪音感到厭倦的人。我們的任務不僅是詮釋「以簡至臻」的既有設計精神,還必須圍繞新的 FOS features 建立視覺敘述以增強品牌形象,此影片是 2020 年 6 月上旬的 VIVO X50 發布會內容的一部分。

We are honored to have developed a short film to elaborate on the new VIVO Funtouch OS system’s design concept. VIVO has been optimizing FOS to make the system appealing to those who long for simplicity and tired of all the noisesthat modern society imposing to them. The video not noly has to strengthen the existing “Perfectly Simple” sloganbut also build up a narrative around the new features to enhance brand image. It was presented inthe X50 press conference as part of the product lunch in early June 2020.

Style Frame



Client|Vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
Brand|Funtouch OS
Creative Agency|dosomething studio
Director|Jason M Tseng 曾忠嶽
Creative & Copywriter|Jason M Tseng 曾忠嶽
Storyboard Artist|江賴映辰

Concept & Art Director| Computerface/ Sid Lin 林聖智、dosomething studio/ Jason M Tseng 曾忠嶽、Nulls Design/ Jie Liou 劉承杰、Sylvia Hsu 徐光慧
Styleframe Design|Gene Jiang 江敬、Jason M Tseng 曾忠嶽、JiaZhen Hong 洪嘉震、Jie Liou 劉承杰、 Sid Lin 林聖智、Sylvia Hsu 徐光慧、Yuson Chen 陳禹盛、YinZen Lin 林殷正

3D Artist |Gene Jiang 江敬、JiaZhen Hong 洪嘉震、Jie Liou 劉承杰、Hank Chen 程漢傑、Norman Chang 張淳凱、Ling 林志鴻、Peixuan Lin 林佩暄、Sid Lin林聖智、Sylvia Hsu 徐光慧、Yuson Chen 陳禹盛
3D VFX|Albert Chiang 江昱緯、Kevin Lo 羅紹文

Compositor|Hank Chen 程漢傑
Trans-creation Copywriter|Scott Andrew Writer
Music & Sound Design|HyperLung Studio
Recording|GTXS Studio
VO Talent|洪耀揚
Project Manager|Jhin Dong 董建潁、Wei-Hsi Lee 李維熙
Special Thanks|張琦

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