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此次與國外知名 DJ Porter Robinson 合作,參與其線上直播演唱會一部分的視覺影像創作。除此之外也延續演唱會視覺,製作專輯其中一首音樂的完整MV影像設計。

此次創作特別使用 Unreal Engine 遊戲引擎 進行開發,配合 Porter 樂曲創作的概念及特殊性,延伸打造了數個不同自然環境場景,包含深邃森林、原野山景、廢墟隧道等等情境,並在其中混合搭配隨著音樂節奏閃動的視覺圖像。

The music videos and VJ clips are collaborative projects with Porter Robinson (American DJ). Our role is to create series of animated visuals for a part of Porter’s online concert; furthermore, we had the chance to design one music video for the album “Nurture.”

We chose to develop the visuals with Unreal Engine 4, which is extra special to Nulls because it’s relatively new software to the motion graphics fields and an entirely different process from other projects.

To engage with the concept and the unique character of Porter’s music, we’ve built several nature scenes as the underlining story. Including deep forests, grassland, mountains and, wrecked underground tunnels, etc. To make the visual sensory echo even more with the music, we made objects and graphics flash with the beat in the rhythm. With the benefit of real-time rendering in Unreal Engine 4, we are able to make variations faster than ever and build realistic environments at runtime.

Nurture Live @ Secret Sky 2021

Style Frame




CLIENT & MUSIC:Porter Robinson
CREATIVE:Porter Robinson、劉承杰 Jie Liou
DIRECTOR:劉承杰 Jie Liou
PRODUCTION:空集設計 Nulls Design
PRODUCER:董建潁 Jhin Dong
UNREAL ENGINE DESIGNER:劉承杰 Jie Liou、岳乙宏 HakureiNeko

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