Smooth Insurance Experience

OneDegree 為一個保險平台,主打滑順的操作體驗。強調使用者在平台買保險的過程,超滑、超順利,不管經過哪裡,一切滑順到底。影片的調性,為了貫穿滑順的概念,聲音也選擇比較可愛輕鬆的風格,翻轉民眾對保險公司嚴肅的形象,帶進輕快無負擔的感受。

OneDegree is an insurance platform that specializes in smooth user experience. It emphasizes the process of buying insurance can be slick. No matter which part of the process you are in, OneDegree will guide you through it.

The sound design of the ad matches the cuteness and, the sense of being smooth of the campaign highlights the emotional tone of the ad. The ad aims to break the public’s preconceptions about insurance companies, bring in a light-hearted and freeing feeling.

Story Board

Style Frame

The Evolution of Pudding

Crazy Pudding Dynamic


CLIENT: OneDegree
AGENCY: 英傑哆創意 inJECT Inspiration
CREATIVE: 英傑哆創意 inJECT Inspiration 空集設計 Nulls Design
PRODUCTION: 空集設計 Nulls Design
DIRECTOR: 陳容寬, 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu
PRODUCER: 黃詩婷, 陳亮至 Liang Chen
ART DIRECTOR: 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu
STYLEFRAME DESIGN: 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu, 董十行 Steven Tung, 劉承杰 Jie Liou
MOTION DESIGN: 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu, 董十行 Steven Tung, 劉承杰 Jie Liou
COMPOSITING: 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu, 劉承杰 Jie Liou
SOUNDS DESIGN: 黃勤鐘, 唯一音樂國際

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